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KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet products are used to improve the durability and appearance of a variety of 2D and 3D aircraft components. All grades of KYDEX® sheet meet demanding performance, processing and flammability requirements.

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Medical Components

For high performance medical devices and equipment housings, specifiers prefer KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet. They know they can depend on KYDEX® sheet for its quality and cleanability – two critical demands in medical facilities.

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Mass Transit Interiors

Safety is the chief concern for components installed in mass transit vehicles. Specialized grades of KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet meet all performance criteria for flammability and smoke emission.

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industrial & Equipment housingS

KYDEX® sheet has multiple equipment housing applications for tools such as electrical welders that require durability and high impact strength.

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Building interiors, furniture & fixtures

Looking for a replacement for high pressure laminate? You found it. KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet won't chip or break like laminate, and KYDEX® sheet can handle compound curves with 90-degree corners without edge banding.

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Recreation & Hobby

KYDEX® sheet’s moldable form and versatility have led to the development of recreational niche markets, including body armor, sheaths/holsters, and scuba backboards.

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The specialty thermoplastic sheet for specialty applications.

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Available with custom colours and textures. KYDEX® thermoplastics have the physical, mechanical and thermal properties your customers want — and the aesthetic versatility they'll love.